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Loud house kicked out fanfiction

What will happen after this? Transformers Prime and Loud House Crossover. Agent Fowler shook his head as a disapproval after he granted custody rights to Optimus Prime. After he heard his reason behind this, he contacted the Royal Woods' Police Department to make an arrest.

Rita and Lynn Sr. Loud needed to learn the harsh consequences of their actions since they broke a law for this ridiculous superstition. It's unreasonable when he imagined what if Lincoln Loud didn't encounter Optimus Prime in his semi-truck. How could parents become this stupid? He phoned the Child's Protective Service and gave them a report.

He hoped the child recovered from this whole ordeal. It going to become a losing streak for the stupid parents if the court founded them "Guilty". Loud's grandfather will be informed by this whole ordeal. Ratchet doesn't want to deal another human, but this excuse remained the exception. He couldn't believe this after he interviewed boy through a simple ride.

Lincoln confessed his own reason, but they didn't discipline him. They locked him out to assumed that Lincoln's curse as he watched Lincoln cried in his sleep. Ratchet shook his head when he witnessed expected carriers giving birth to tragedy before his eyes. He was just a normal doctor trying to do his job before this war started. In this, he didn't say this as an excuse when a family kicked out their child without a reason and it's hard to think about on what if Optimus didn't meet him.

He's glad that Optimus made a right call when he scanned to check if Lincoln is healthy. He needed to phone Inferno to come over to do a mental evaluation since he knows it's going to an insured.

He couldn't break a bond between Optimus and his soon-to-be-adopted son but hoped justice served. Before the Loud Household, their neighbor shook his head as a disapproval as he called It's not a moment when Lincoln kicked out of the house just because of a superstition. He felt bad for the boy when he broke down and told them the whole truth.

It's not obvious normal when he witnessed his parents sold his stuff and his siblings sealed his room. He gets his wish when sirens blaring on the streets as patrol cars stopped near the Loud House.

He watched the officers rushed out of their vehicle and a CPS worker walked up to the front door. Rita and Lynn Junior Loud got a surprise in hand when they arrested for their actions. They couldn't do much anything or protest if neighbors witnessed the whole ordeal. It included when a neighbor phoned the Police Department as they saw Lincoln went inside of a strange semi-truck before it drove off.

Nobody caught the license plate to track it down. Nobody did. One of the patrol cars, nobody was aware of one of the officers have a hologram as he monitored the whole situation. Little did they knew, they weren't aware Prowl was watching. In the household, Lisa, Luna, Lana, and Leni felt guilty when they kicked out their own brother. Leni cried constantly to realized that her brother went missing and Luna had her guilt but gave Lynn Junior a glare.

Lisa had this slight chill down her spine when she headed straight to her room.Yes, I already know the complaints. Yes this is an NSL fic, so if you don't like those, than feel free to leave. I just like writing them, and if you don't like reading them, don't bitch about it in the comments, and instead read something you would rather read. Lincoln had just gotten kicked out of the house, and isn't happy about it.

He yelled to the family in the building "Hey, can I at least get some stuff from my room to entertain myself! After this, Lincoln was understandably upset, and decided that earning back the trust of his family was pointless. Seeing how his family was, he decided that it would be easier to win the hundred meter dash with no legs, than it would be to convince his family to let him back in.

With all of this happening, Lincoln went to the one place he could turn to in a time of crisis. After a long walk, Lincoln had finally reached his destination. Lincoln knocked on the door, and sure enough, Clyde was home. My sisters got all into some luck superstition, and banned me from the house.

Meanwhile in the loud house, the family were feeling great, seeing how their bad luck charm was gone. A few moments later, a disgusting stench found it's way around the room.

loud house kicked out fanfiction

As the day went on, nothing very eventful happened, however things weren't as they should have been around the house. Lucy was having trouble with her poetry, and Lola was having issues with her pageantry training. Rita and Lynn Sr had asked their daughters why Lincoln wasn't in the back yard, and were told that Lincoln was staying at Clyde's house.

Nobody had a problem with that, as that means they wouldn't have to worry about Lincoln being stuck outside, and didn't have to worry about superstition. The day had come to an end, everyone was a bit more tired than usual. As they began to go to sleep, suddenly an argument broke out from Lola and Lana's room. Two and a half hours had passed, but the twins showed no signs of quieting down.

Lori realized why the twins hadn't stopped arguing for so long.Story Story Writer Forum Community.

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Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply 4. Darkhearted by BrandonLeaquartz reviews Lincoln is infected with a virus that mutates its host and everyone blames Lori for it due to her hurting the poor boy.

How will the family handle this situation? Will Lincoln ever be nornal again? Will Lori make it up to him? Read to find out! Voici ma version. And every February 2 of each year, something special or intimate or lovely happens between Lincoln and Stella and the people around them. El Secreto de 2 Loud's by Doble E. Read at your own risk, this is a remake of one of my original ones from last year.

Spells and Louds by heavy5comando reviews Takes place after the events in Spell Luck. Now follow Lincoln and his new family with the Louds in tow as they brave new adventures across the known and unknown. Thanks for those who have been very supportive with my stories, including this one! Social loud house topics by crafordbrian17 reviews Just a diagram of some alternate ideas for some of the loud house episodes, but in the ways I would have wanted them to go.

Habita una familia peculiar Los Loud, una familia conformada por 11 hijos. Donde 10 son mujeres y el del medio es un chico. Algo que ni ellos mismos pueden explicar It's a Kid's World - Season Two by Tales of Interest reviews The Loud children and the other kids continue to fight for survival in a new hostile world that the adults left behind. Lincoln and Lucy run into some old friends, while Ronnie Anne seeks to find allies of her own. Luan and the other sisters roam the land simply to find a place to settle, while Lynn runs into trouble as usual.

But there's danger for everyone at every turn. The Rogue Lion by Metalbrony reviews Lincoln loves his family very much, especially his sisters, but he always wondered what it would be like to have a brother. There was Boody, but he moved withtbeh Casa Grande Family months ago.

A new neighbor named Luke Leroy comes in. He is sometimes known as the "Rogue Lion" by his friends or some people. Lincoln found himself in a new relaziontion as his new brotherly figure. Lincoln's Forgiveness by RCurrent reviews They lost 2 of their siblings for their actions, one Literal, and the other symbolically, could not but with the guilt that eaten them all these years, can they be able to recover the love of their only brother?

Terms of Service.The Storyteller is here! And brings to everyone my second story idea called Unforgiven. But i wont say many things about this storyi dont wanna spoil the surprise at all. I wanna thank everyone that like my other story Brother of the Night that i will continue that story also. But today i am talking about my second idea Unforgiven so be sure to check it out review on it. The story category for Unforgiven is Rated M for violence and many more harsh stuff that will appear.

With that being said The Storyteller wants to say one last thing. I wanna apologize for every kinda mistake i am making writting this story. Thanks you for youre time and enjoy Unforgiven. After Lincoln Loud was kicked out of the Loud House for his so called bad luck problem and started to feed him like an animal by his parents Lynn Loud Sr. Lynn Loud Sr. Lynn Sr. Rita Loud was trying to pack off a few change of clothes for Lincoln to give them to him since the weather was getting really cold outsidewhen she suddenly stopped from what she was doing hearing her husband starting to ask about all this bad luck thingso she then started to speak back at him saying :.

When i was outside trying to make Lincoln eat somethingsince he started to reject food from me and when i asked why he told me he was not bad luck at allhe was only playing around so that he dosent want to participate in every activity his sisters have '' said Rita Loud to her husband. Since everything has started from when Lynn Jr. It' s not like he wanted that to happen just cause he was therehe only wanted to support his sister nothing wrong with thatbut then again Lynn Sr.

How about we try tomorrow morning as the sun will start to rise let' s try and speak with the girls about there brother maybe they will understand and we can let him back in the house '' said Lynn Sr. Rita Loud was very happy to hear this and she gives her husband a hug and a kissfor trying to solve these problem. Lincoln was trying to understand the whole situation that has appeared in his family.

Lincoln started then to speak with himself about everything that has occurred in his family :. Lincoln was feeling worst that he had to lie like thatnot knowing how bad things where gonna become later on. It' s not like he dosent want to hang out with his sisters at there activitiesbut sometimes he wanted to just chill and relax alonereading some comics maybeeating some ice cream maybe or even to playing so video games all alone. Then Lincoln remembered something very important.

He remembered that his sisters never tried to back him up at all about this whole mess he was into. Well can you blame them? He started this fire and he cant stop it now. Instead of that look at me sleeping in the backyard of my house on the cold grass. My sisters are sometimes very harsh and cold with me like that time with the whole brawl they had.

Because of them i was not allowed to play a game or watch at the Tv and when i tried to make things up with them they shut down my offer because of that stupid sister code they have '' said Lincoln. And my parents belived them about me being bad luck. Of course at first i did not had a problem with thisbut when they looked me outside and statred to feed me like some sort of dog then i gotta say that they have really crossed the line '' said Lincoln again looking at he conditions he had to spend.

Infron of him was bowl of food and another bowl of water.This is something that came to me while I was working. Don't judge, though, I got the idea after hearing a song. Please enjoy the first chapter. This is also loosely based from one of the hated episodes, No Such Luck. Lincoln kicked a pebble as he walked down the street and hung his head, "Lincoln," he stopped and looked back to see Lana ran up to him, "Where are you going?

Offer some comfort until they get you a new bed," Lincoln looked back with narrowed eyes, "Please Lincoln, it's getting late and cold,". You have ten sisters who you do anything and everything for and now you're pushing us away! Can you go back in time and stop yourself from boarding up my room?

Left Out Loud

Or maybe you can stop mom and dad from selling all my stuff! And while you're at it, why don't you knock some sense into me too! You made me sleep outside, you've sold all my stuff, you made me feel like an outcast in my own home, like no one cared, all because of a simple lie," Lana bit her lips and shook her head, "C'mon, I'll walk you home and that'll be that,".

Lincoln looked down at the messy twin and opened his mouth, ready to speak when they heard someone behind them say, "Actually, you kids aren't going anywhere," they looked back and saw a man in dark clothing approaching them, the moonlight reflecting the barrel of a gun.

Lincoln quickly stood in front of Lana and glared at the man, venom behind his eyes, "Just give me your money kiddies and I'll leave you two alone,".

While I'm distracting this guy, I want you to run home and lock the door, do you understand? I can't fight this bastard and babysit you at the same time," Lana frowned and wrapped her arms around Lincoln's waist and rested her head on his back, "What are you doing! Lincoln quickly pushed Lana to the side as the sound of a gunshot echoed in the air and Lincoln fell back with a force.

Lana stared in shock as her brother fell to the ground and a pool of blood before forming next to him. She looked up and saw the man running down the street.

The pain of tears stinging her eyes, she shook her head and cried out, "Coward! We need to get home,". Lincoln moaned and slowly opened his eyes.

loud house kicked out fanfiction

He looked up at his distraught sister and weakly smirked, "Are you hurt, Lana? He closed his eyes again and Lana began to cry as she looked around, "Someone! We need help! My older brother was shot! Lana sat on the chair next to the hospital bed Lincoln was lying in, her hat in her hands and tears blurring her vision, "Little girl," she looked up and saw a nurse standing next to her, "Shouldn't you be home?

loud house kicked out fanfiction

Your parents are probably worried about you,". She looked up at Lana and sighed, "You know I was like you once," Lana looked up in confusion and the nurse sighed, "I have three sisters and one brother.

We've always got into our fair share of fights growing up, but no matter what, I always wanted to be by my brother's side…especially when he was in the hospital.

It got to the point where I snuck out of my house to visit him, even late at night,". Lana held her brother's hand and fought the tears that threatened to fall, "Did you hear that Lincoln?This story was written in response to "No Such Luck" an episode that I hadn't seen as greatly despised by fans in comparison to "Trash House. And such, here's what I came up with. It isn't a complete story per of course.

Normally one would try to avoid having bad luck any way possible. With Lincoln, however, he fully embraced it.

Ever since Lynn lost that baseball game, she prohibited him from attending any of her sports-related events, fearing that he might jinx them. Truth be told, Lincoln would rather have the house to himself than go to one of his sisters' stupid presentations.

So, when Lynn began to spread the rumor that Lincoln was cursed, he took advantage of it. While his family was away, Lincoln had full range of the house. He freely read his comic books in his underwear, among other things. Sure, it was dirty of him to lie to his family, but he'll they'll forget about it once he sets the record straight with them.

Unfortunately for Lincoln not only was he being excluded from his sisters' personal events, but he was also left out of attending events he truly wanted to engage in. Soon, his parents fell victim to his lie, and they kicked him out of his own home. Despite his insistence that he wasn't bad luck, Lynn continually pointed out that when he went to her game she lost, thus solidifying their superstitions. Not once was Lincoln allowed back in the house, not even to use the restroom.

Slowly, the day turned to night, and the Loud family was preparing for bed. Before excusing themselves to their bedroom, Rita and Lynn Sr. Lynn Sr. It hurt him to do this to his son, but he believed that it was for the best. How could his father say something that thoughtless? Rita bent down and gave her son a kiss on the forehead. She clearly didn't like this anymore than her husband did, but she tried to ease her son's anxiety the only way she knew how.

We wouldn't want anything bad to happen to any of them, right? Lincoln knew that this was supposed to come off as reassuring, but the way that she worded her explanation almost gave off the impression that his sisters' lives were more important. Despite this, Lincoln begrudgingly nods his head in understanding. Rita rubs his head comfortingly. With that, Lincoln was left alone in the darkness.

He tried to situate himself on the porch, but it proved to be bumpy in comparison to his bed. Even so, Lincoln found himself slowly drifting off to sleep with the sound of crickets chirping. Morning slowly crept upon the horizon. Rays of sunlight seeped its way into the parents' shared bedroom, stirring them awake. After getting themselves fully dressed, the two descended down the stairs, and entered into the kitchen.

Rita grabs a box of cereal from one of the cabinets, and pours the cereal into a bowl.So yeah, I'm gonna get straight to the point, I had As much as I love The Loud House, the only episodes I really hate are the ones where Lincoln is the source of ridicule and gets tossed around a lot by his sisters I mean seriously, No Such Luck is up there with Brawl In The Family as my least favorite episode, so I decided to write this story.

Now I know that there are those that may argue that it was Lincoln's own fault that he decided to pretend to be bad luck, but the kid just wanted some time by himself, I can relate to that and as stated above, kicking him out was seriously not cool, considering the fact that kicking out a minor is illegal. So yeah, you might expect the police to get involved. Also, this kinda made the parents and the sisters hypocrites, in The Ties That Bind, the parents said that they would never actually get rid of any of them and the sisters would never let them kick Lincoln out, since he's their only brother.

I'm just saying, it's a perfect example of Aesop Amnesia. The aftermath of a baseball game would often incite a feeling of accomplishment for the team that wins it, but it could not be said for Lynn Loud Jr. It was the second game her and her team the Squirrels were playing this week, she thought for sure that she would win this time, at the beginning of the game she was so full of confidence, the same usual confidence she had at every one of her competitions, especially when such that one such element that was missing from the previous game, that she was convinced was the cause of the problem s in the first place.

However, it seems like it was destiny that she failed again, near her was a baseball bat that was broken into pieces, courtesy of her, she smashed it to the ground in frustration. She glanced an envious glare at the other team, as they celebrated their victory, that was supposed to be her and her team, not them, what she wouldn't give to throw a few baseballs their way, but such conduct would not sit well with her coach.

Plus it would show poor sportsmanship, she wouldn't want to hurt her image. Come on. Why don't we get on home? As the family walked, the kids went to the parking lot where Vanzilla was waiting.

The father reached into his pocket, but oddly he felt nothing, his pockets only carried his wallet, but nothing else. He did so and it finally turned on. With that, they began the drive back home, while they sat in silence, Lori was texting on her phone, then the van hit a bump on the road and she accidentally, dropped it to the front.

Her father's order fell onto deaf ears, as she tried to get it from the front of the vehicle causing him to swerve from his formerly straight direction, if he had looked at the road, he would have seen that he passed a red light. After a brief scuffle, she was able to find her device. The screen broke a little! Before Lori could respond, police lights were seen, Lynn Sr.

loud house kicked out fanfiction

No I didn't. Sighing in defeat, Lynn Sr. All the father of 11 could do was drop his mouth open. Much to the outrage of his family, he complied with the officer's orders, they watched helplessly as their family minivan was towed away.

The policeman then hopped into his car and drove away, leaving the family with no way home. She reached at the top of her head and felt nothing but her hair. As they walked, Leni was applying makeup on her, but if she had been looking like she was supposed you, yhen maybe she would have noticed the rock on her path, she tripped and fell on the floor. The goth turned to her athletic sister. Lily sniffled a little, but Rita soothed her.

On a another part of town, the sad, depressed form of Lincoln Loud was strolling through the area, his hands were deep in his pockets, tight now this was the only place he could think of being in right now, considering the fact he got kicked out of his own home, by his own family no less, he was ad, and angry both at his family and at kind of himself, really, now that he thought about, maybe pretending to be a bad luck charm around his family wasn't that great of an idea, he only wanted to have more time by himself, he didn't think they'd go far as to actually keep him out of every thing they do, worst of all, kick him out.

So, right now he can only go here, he already went o the arcade and comic book store, but honestly he'd want nothing more than to be back home, with his family, he heard a ringtone from his carpet, he took out his phone and saw that his best friend Clyde was calling him.

Everything alright? Lincoln sighed, other than Ronnie Anne, Clyde was the only other person he can't help but pour his heart out to, and so, he told him everything; about how Lynn blamed him for her loss in the first game, and how he came up with the stupid idea of putting up a whole charade about him being a bad luck charm, which resulted in him getting casted aside by his whole family, being treated like he was some sort of threat to all of them, needless to say Clyde was horrified.

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